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I am a Person Centred Counsellor who is able to intergrate other counselling techniques as needed for each client.   The counselling relationship is crucial to the success of counselling and I believe that my open, honest, caring and warm approach enables each person to feel comfortable in the relationship and able to safely address areas of their life that have brought them to counselling.


I will work with you to ensure that your counselling needs are worked towards in a non directive way, I believe that you the client has the answers to your problems and that within each of us is the ability to improve our circumstances.  


Counselling provides the right setting for this.  You will be listened to in a non-judgemental way, I will help you learn more about yourself, identifying patterns and providing challenge so that you can see more clearly how you as an individual can change your circumstances.


As well as Adult work, I also work with children & young people to explore any difficult situations which they are experiencing by helping them to find healthier ways of communicating or developing relationships.  Young people often find it difficult to express how they are feeling so sometimes their feelings get 'acted out' through behaviour or changes in their mood and interaction with others.  Therapy helps them to connect to their feelings and increase their resiliance and ability to cope with difficult situations.